Get insight

Screen markets and get an overview.

Get early warning and assessment of the impact of extreme and rare events.

Improve your decisions

Give capital managers and others a more complete foundation to base decisions on.

Accelerate your work

Allow financial analysts and researchers to complete more in less time.


Sanctify Financial Technologies AB is a technical company focused on developing tools for assisting people working with financial markets. Currently in development stage, Sanctify will offer unique financial analytics and information services based on AI to professional users.

Sanctify is based in Lund, Sweden, with presence in Stockholm, Sweden, and Munich, Germany.


Sanctify Financial Technologies’ mission is to bring fundamental analysis of any asset at any time using AI.


Oscar Dahlblom


Tobias Mähl


Michal Stala


Henrik Ljunger


Erik Dahlberg

Business Developer

Gustav Johnsson Henningson


Magnus Midholt




Pergamon is a family of products using modern AI to analyse qualitative data. Pergamon is set for release in 2021.

Pergamon Company Tracker

Pergamon Company Tracker tracks newsfeeds of company-specific news and does fast assessment of the impact on stock prices immediately after publication, using a powerful deep learning system.

Pergamon Macro Tracker

Pergamon Macro Tracker tracks publications from news outlets in order to assess stock, commodity and forex market movements. One feature of this system is early warning and projection of extreme events, also knows as black swans, such as global disease outbreaks.

Pergamon Market Analytics

Pergamon Market Analytics breaks down and track markets using qualitative text data from several news sources.


The Waterfront family of products provides automation of tasks using numeric data and financial statements. Waterfront is set for release in 2021.

Waterfront Business Valuation Tool

The Waterfront Business Valuation Tool uses deep learning for company valuation, allowing for an accelerated workflow and support for decision making.

Waterfront Market Screening Tool

Waterfront Market Screening Tool utilises extensive databases and AI to screens markets and provides a basis for further analysis and research, allowing for an accelerated workflow.